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Freequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the types of wooden boats you mainly made?

We are made the following vessels:

  1. Traditional Greek vessels:
    - Trechantiri class
    - Varkala class
    - Karavoskaro class
  2. Foreign design traditional sailing boats
    - Romily class
    - Wanderer class
  3. High speed boats , semi displacement boats and small boats.
    The types of boats ranging from small boats (2.80, 3.90, 4.90 meters), to larger vessels of 6.75, 9.20, 10.30 meters long and sport yachts reach up to 14 meters long.

Finally, we can design, any traditional (or modern design) vessel, of our’s or your own design with special requirements.

How long can does it take to finish a wooden boat?
What are the construction phases of a vessel?
How much does it cost a new wooden boat?
What is currently the taxation the status of traditional wooden boats?
What kind of lumber is used in a wooden boat?
What type of maintenance a wooden boat requires?
How many boats have built Reppos boat buildres so far?

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Reppos boat builders is a family owned and operated business that has been thriving since 1968. It deals mainly with the construction of wooden vessels of traditional and modern design.

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