the continuity of a legend

Contemporary "Argo" , a proud creation of our boat yard, based upon mythology of the Argonauts (dating from the 13th century BC and before the Trojan War) and historical data, constructed in 2006 in the city of Volos, using absolutely traditional ways and materials.

Building ARGO

Argo’s construction began in March 2004 and was completed in September 2006. In 2008, this fabulous boat with 50 rowers and crew sailed around the Greek Seas and reached the island of Corfu, (Greece’s north west edge). In 2009, it carried out a trip to Georgia Republic (cities Batumi and Poti ) in Black Sea, which is geographically the ancient area of Colchis and was the final destination of the ancient Greek hero Jason who took from there the “Golden Fleece”.

The originality of Argo is that it is made exclusively using wood and ropes. The parts of the vessel associated with wooden joints with no nails or other metal parts. The result is that (combined with the perfect design) Argo has very good buoyancy, achieves high speed and is practically unsinkable.

Overall length: 28.50 meters
Beam: 4.20 meters
Max.Speed: 9 knots
Wood (pine, beech, oak, spruce, wicker), ropes, canvas


Argo was constructed by the shipwright Argus, and its crew were specially protected by the goddess Hera. The best source for the myth is the Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius. According to a variety of sources of the legend, Argo was said to have been planned or constructed with the help of Athena. According to certain sources, Argo was the first ship to sail the seas. It was Athena who taught Tiphys to attach the sails to the mast, as he was the steersman and would need an absolute knowledge of the workings of the ship.[1] According to other legends, she contained in her prow a magical piece of timber from the sacred forest of Dodona, which could speak and render prophecies. 
After her successful journey, Argo was consecrated to Poseidon in the Isthmus of Corinth. She was then translated into the sky and turned into the constellation Argo Navis.[2]

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